19th Annual Conference of the Association for Educational Assessment – Europe (AEA-Europe)

8–10 November 2018

Arnhem–Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Conference theme: Building bridges to future educational assessment

The main focus of the conference was on how professionals in educational assessment are adapting their work in response to the changing role of assessment in society. There are significant differences between the extent and level of assessment experience found in institutes responsible for educational measurement. These include variations in roles, tradition, types of tests or exams, and mode of delivery. One thing all these institutions have in common is an ambition to serve education with high-quality assessment instruments that are fit for purpose in an ever-changing environment. They also seek to anticipate future demands that will be put upon assessment.

The conference provided an opportunity to explore the main features of future assessment and how those working in educational assessment can adequately prepare for the changes ahead.

CERP researchers presented on the following topics:

  • A brave new world of continuous assessment
  • Building bridges between assessment and subject matter: An innovative approach to assessing GCSE Practical Science
  • The big crunch: Combining sources of evidence in standard setting
  • Reviewing assessments and dense data: Towards effective evaluation of assessments for the non-technically minded
  • Examination malpractice analysis: Defensibility, clarity and complexity

Details of all the work we presented can be found in our CERP conference booklet.

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