44th Annual Conference of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA)

9–14 September 2018

Oxford, UK

Conference theme: Assessment and Big Data

Our increasing interactions with technology are generating vast amounts of data. New techniques are needed to access the volume of data that is available, to help us to make sense of it, and to apply it in ways that benefit teaching and learning. Big Data opens doors to investigate new questions about learning and assessment. We need to consider how we can discover and quantify important measures with sufficient reliability and validity, what data and measures we should preserve, and what new quantitative techniques will emerge from this new world of Big Data.

The conference provided an opportunity for researches and practitioners to share their understandings of current processes and findings, as well as to look at opportunities for exploiting Big Data.

CERP researchers contributed to the theme of the conference by exploring the following topics:

  • Using national attainment data to investigate the impact of the English Baccalaureate on disadvantaged students
  • Use and misuse of G-theory in estimating marking reliability of performance-based assessments
  • Trialling two proposed grading models for the Independent Project Qualification
  • Mining educational assessment data: what can it tell us about the quality of students’ performances?
  • Using big data and small data to explore the effects of the Extended Project Qualification on academic performance
  • A framework for comparing the demands of equivalent paper- and computer-based test items
  • Exploration of the social impacts of assessment using longitudinal survey data
  • Assessing collaborative problem solving: how small data can add to the big picture
  • Assessment of practical science: a policy history in England
  • Mapping practical science in guideline documents and its conceptualisation in GCSE assessments

Details of all the work we presented can be found in our CERP conference booklet.

CERP presenters (clockwise from top): Ben Jones, Steve Wooding, Alex Scharaschkin

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