Advisory group

All of our research undergoes an exacting peer review process through a prestigious advisory group of national and international researchers, who also provide guidance and advice on the activities and projects we undertake. You can find out about the members of our advisory group by clicking on their profiles below.

Jo-Anne Baird

Pearson Professor of Educational Assessment and Director of the Department of Education, University of Oxford

Chair of CERP's advisory group

Ayesha Ahmed

Research and teaching associate, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Professor Prue Huddleston

Emeritus Professor, and former Director of the Centre for Education and Industry, University of Warwick

Dougal Hutchison

Research associate, Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment

Tina Isaacs

Programme Director for the MA in Educational Assessment, Institute of Education

Joshua McGrane

Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment

Hugh McManus

Assistant Head of Examinations and Assessment, State Examinations Commission

Sue Moore, Head teacher Queen Elizabeth II High School

Head teacher, Queen Elizabeth II High School, Isle of Man