Kate Kelly


05 May 2017

Kate Kelly reports from a special symposium that was held to explore how assessment standards are set across the globe

19 July 2016

What does that innocuous ‘%’ symbol really mean? Kate Kelly ponders percentages

22 December 2015

This blog post comes with a public service announcement: look away now if you have yet to learn the results of Strictly Come Dancing’s final, for here be spoilers

15 October 2015

Kate Kelly explains how low scores in the populist TV dance competition encourage fairness

23 June 2015

Kate Kelly reports from a special seminar hosted by CERP to examine how comparative judgement might be used in assessment

02 March 2015

Kate Kelly reflects on how we deal with the nuances of statistical data.

22 October 2014

Kate Kelly on the relevance of academic conferences in the internet age.

14 November 2013

Not all research is equal, so how can you tell the good studies from the bad when looking at the evidence for an educational intervention?

14 March 2013

The pupils weren't the only ones learning when I headed back to primary school for a recent project.