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21 April 2015

Rachel Taylor reflects on how to make research relevant when education policy keeps moving on.

2 March 2015

Kate Kelly reflects on how we deal with the nuances of statistical data.

22 January 2015

Stuart Cadwallader looks at the role of public trust in maintaining qualification standards.

24 October 2014

Kate Kelly on the relevance of academic conferences in the internet age.

7 August 2014

"I got a B. But it was with the hard exam board..."

1 July 2014

Children born later in the academic year appear less likely to choose to study 'facilitating subjects' favoured by top universities, according to a recent CERP analysis. Anne Pinot de Moira considers the difficulties faced by summer-born children.

12 June 2014

There may be concerns about the number of girls choosing STEM subjects at A-level, but tens of thousands more girls (and boys) are studying science post-16 than in the ‘90s. Anna Nagle digs into the figures

14 May 2014

MP Liz Truss worries about 'science deserts' in parts of the country. We crunch some numbers to see if there is a geographical disparity in Maths and Physics uptake.

24 April 2014

As Ofqual launches a consultation on setting standards for the new GCSEs, Ben Jones considers the complexities of establishing a new system.

11 April 2014

Students shouldn't suffer in the crossfire as traditional schools and vocational colleges figure out how to peacefully coexist


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