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27 March 2014

William Pointer looks at the reliability of marking of GCSE science exams and asks: is it ok for examiners to mark biology, chemistry and physics items?

12 December 2013

Neil Stringer explains how we combine exam paper scores to produce a subject grade, what this means for grade boundaries, and why we maintain standards at subject level.

28 November 2013

When it comes to gender and education, have we really made as much progress as we like to think?

14 November 2013

Not all research is equal, so how can you tell the good studies from the bad when looking at the evidence for an educational intervention?

1 November 2013

Neil Stringer considers the role of examiners’ judgements in maintaining examination standards over time.

17 October 2013

Chris Wheadon looks at whether pupil progress is a fair basis for determining performance-related pay.

3 October 2013

Is knowing how you rank in relation to your peers on national examinations good for your motivation?

19 September 2013

Who decides which subjects are offered as school leaving qualifications?

8 August 2013

When interpreting education research findings, it is important to exercise caution.

18 July 2013

Into the world of work: a year in CERP.


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