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5 July 2013

Can we accurately measure how standards of achievement change over time?

20 June 2013

From university to the workplace: a different type of learning.

16 May 2013

We need further research to determine if changing school start times would improve attainment.

25 April 2013

We need to learn to communicate better if we want people to engage with the assessment community and trust in our qualifications.

11 April 2013

The participation age will rise to 18 from 2015. How can vocational education and training contribute to implementing this policy?

27 March 2013

You might think setting exam questions and mark schemes is straightforward – but watch out, there are pitfalls about…

14 March 2013

The pupils weren't the only ones learning when I headed back to primary school for a recent project.

1 March 2013
How does tiering at GCSE differ from a system of ‘extension’ papers? And how do those systems differ from the old two-level system of CSEs and O-levels?
21 February 2013

The first University Technical Colleges in England opened in 2010 - we went to speak to the students to see what they thought of this new aproach to vocational education.

31 January 2013

We use tests and exams to measure students' ability, but does testing actually improve learning?


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