1. Community spirit

    Ruth Johnson reflects on the Association for Educational Assessment – Europe's Glaswegian gathering, and considers how a discussion space can shape researcher identity

  2. The ticking clock of assessment

    Can we accurately measure how standards of achievement change over time?

  3. Is there a geographical difference in UK school performance?

    Ben Smith investigates claims that there is a ‘North-South’ divide in exam attainment, and offers an alternative analysis

  4. The numbers game

    As Ofqual launches a consultation on setting standards for the new GCSEs, Ben Jones considers the complexities of establishing a new system.

  5. Strictly Come Scoring

    Kate Kelly explains how low scores in the populist TV dance competition encourage fairness

  6. The art of setting questions

    CERP’s Assessment Expertise Training Developer Victoria Spalding considers the challenges of question writing

  7. Jack of all trades or master of some?

    Emma Armitage weighs up consistency versus compensation in the Great British Bake Off and the world of assessment

  8. Stop! Collaborate and listen

    Kate Kelly reports from a special symposium that was held to explore how assessment standards are set across the globe


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