1. Scaling new heights

    Kate Kelly reports from a special seminar hosted by CERP to examine how comparative judgement might be used in assessment

  2. Testing times

    The leaves are just beginning to turn, however some Year 6 pupils are already preparing for next summer’s Key Stage 2 tests. Is this really the best use of our young people’s time, asks Ruth Johnson

  3. Differentiating differences

    How does tiering at GCSE differ from a system of ‘extension’ papers? And how do those systems differ from the old two-level system of CSEs and O-levels?

  4. Are my exams harder than yours?

    "I got a B. But it was with the hard exam board..."

  5. The art of setting questions

    CERP’s Assessment Expertise Training Developer Victoria Spalding considers the challenges of question writing

  6. A different perspective

    Shannon Gardiner reflects on what she has learnt about the exam process during her time with CERP