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  1. School league tables: Revealing or misleading?

    23 January 2013

    Each year parents are encouraged to use school league tables to help choose a secondary school for their children. But George Leckie and Harvey Goldstein argue that such comparisons are crude and ultimately misleading.

  2. School Accountability in England: Past, Present and Future

    Daniel Acquah

    This review focuses on accountability in school-based education in England....

  3. Using exam results to inform teaching and accountability

    27 July 2015

    Exam boards should work to develop rich assessments and reporting tools to inform teaching, learning and school improvement, writes CERP's leading experts Anton Béguin and Alison Wood

  4. The effects of accountability measures in English secondary schools: early and multiple entry to GCSE Mathematics assessments

    Rachel Taylor

    This study used semi-structured interviews with staff in 14 secondary schools in England to explore strategies for entering students to GCSE Mathematics, focusing on the use of early and multiple examination entry....

  5. AEA-Europe 2017 abstracts

    Yaw Bimpeh, Lena Gray, Elizabeth Harrison, Ruth Johnson, William Pointer, Alex Scharaschkin, Ben Smith, Charlotte Stephenson, Ezekiel Sweiry and David West

    AEA-Europe's annual conference is a key opportunity for those within the assessment community to share ideas and critically challenge their own thinking....

  6. Is the English Baccalaureate a passport to future success?

    Emma Armitage and Caroline Lau

    In England accountability measures have often been used to steer school behaviour in pursuit of policy goals. In 2010, the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) was introduced to increase uptake of traditional academic subjects at GCSE....