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  1. Aptitude tests versus school exams as selection tools for higher education and the case for assessing educational achievement in context

    Neil Stringer

    Advocates of using a US‐style SAT for university selection claim that it is fairer to applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds than achievement tests because it assesses potential, not achievement, and that it allows finer discrimination between top applicants than GCEs....

  2. An investigation into the accuracy of A-level predicted grades

    Martin Delap

    This paper presents the results of an investigation into the relationship between teachers’ predictions of A‐level grades and the actual grades obtained by a sample of applicants for university places. In total, over 9,000 predicted grades from approximately 3,000 applicants were considered....

  3. Symposium: Examinations O-level grades and teachers' estimates as predictors of the A-level results of UCCA applicants

    Roger Murphy

    The investigation reported in this paper studied the relationship between both GCE O-level grades and teachers' estimates of A-level grades, and the actual A-level grades obtained, in individual subjects, by a sample of applicants for university places....

  4. Law and psychology admissions tutors' perspectives of how A-levels prepare students for university study

    Anthony Daly

    With August comes the annual and often frenzied media coverage of examination results and inevitable conclusions drawn about (typically falling) educational standards (see Billington, 2006)....

  5. Extending the number of grades on a qualification: issues to consider

    Lesley Meyer

    The issue of the number of grades a qualification offers is currently a hot topic; University staff are complaining that they are unable to discriminate between the most able candidates when considering applicants to their courses and there are claims from some quarters that the International Baccal...