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  1. Structuring and formatting examination papers: examiners' views of good practice

    Victoria Spalding

    AQA is in the process of changing its practices, with plans to implement question banking and auto test construction, while embarking on a large scale project to improve the quality of its papers....

  2. Contemporary validity theory and the assessment context in England

    Neil Stringer

    The concept of validity developed considerably during the last half of the twentieth century, from essentially meaning that 'a test measures what it says it measures', through multiple types of validity - content, criterion, and construct - to a multifaceted but essentially unitary concept of constr...

  3. Strictly statistics

    Anne Pinot de Moira and Kate Kelly

    The science and statistics behind examinations is not widely publicised or understood. This is, at least in part, due to the dry, complex and often esoteric nature of the topic. But a lack of transparency may lead to a lack of trust, and the grades students receive have limited value without trust....