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  1. Awarding GCSE and GCE- time to reform the code of practice?

    Ben Jones

    The theme of this paper is that the process by which national general qualifications - the GCSE and GCE in particular - are awarded is no longer fit for purpose....

  2. Aggregation and awarding methods for national curriculum assessments in England and Wales: a comparison of approaches proposed for Key Stages 3 and 4

    Mike Cresswell

    Most educational assessment involves aggregating a large number of observations to form a smaller number of indicators (for example, by adding up the marks from a number of questions)....

  3. Awarding in the 21st century- a virtual model

    Lesley Meyer, Jo-Anne Baird, Neil Stringer, Lynne O'Sullivan and Carolyn Adams

    Awarding meetings are essentially unchanged since their inception, with Senior examiners coming together to look at statistical information and candidates' work....

  4. Setting the grade standards in the first year of the new GCSEs

    William Pointer

    Reformed GCSEs in English, English Literature and Mathematics are being introduced for first teaching from September 2015 with the first examinations in summer 2017. Other subjects are being reformed to start the following year with first examinations in summer 2018....

  5. The meaning of curriculum-related examination standards in Scotland and England: a home-international comparison

    Jo-Anne Baird and Lena Gray

    The ways in which examination standards are conceptualised and operationalised differently across nations has not been given sufficient attention. The international literature on standard-setting has been dominated by the psychometrics tradition....