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  1. Challenging minds? Students' perceptions of computer-based World Class Tests of problem solving

    Mary Richardson, Jo-Anne Baird, Jim Ridgway, Martin Ripley, Diane Shorrocks-Taylor and Malcolm Swan

    World Class Arena is a British government initiative to assess and develop the skills of gifted and talented children. Part of the strategy is to use computer-based tests. Students attempt tasks that require them to engage in higher-order problem solving, often in interactive, realistic, contexts....

  2. Literature review on effects on assessment of e-marking

    Diana Fowles

    The development of e-marking is reviewed under the headings of the different technology suppliers that are driving e-marking developments forward through their software solutions....

  3. Why item mark? The advantages and disadvantages of e-marking

    Anne Pinot de Moira

    The move towards e-marking has meant some large changes to the long established processes and practices for marking national examinations....

  4. Principles and practice of on-demand testing

    Christopher Wheadon, Claire Whitehouse, Victoria Spalding, Kate Tremain and Melody Charman

    This research was commissioned by Ofqual to review how advances in computer technology were enabling on-demand testing in the UK and to consider the implications of these advances for high stakes general qualifications....