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  1. Behind the headlines

    6 June 2012

    Richard Garner, Education Editor on The Independent, has been reporting on the education sector for more than three decades. Has so much really changed?

  2. Assessment on an international stage

    20 April 2012

    International perspectives on student assessment can help interpret shifts in educational achievement at a national level. Andreas Schleicher, head of indicators and analysis at the OECD’s directorate of education, explains.

  3. School science in Hong Kong

    9 May 2012

    Science education in Hong Kong stands out among East Asian regions. May Cheng, vice president of the East Asian Association of Science Education, considers why.

  4. Watch your language

    6 August 2012

    The words and metaphors we use to talk about education shape our perceptions of it - and it’s time to revisit our vocabulary, says Oxford University’s Richard Pring.

  5. The perils of policy borrowing

    18 September 2012

    Education reforms move from country to country like a travelling circus, with successful acts copied and less popular performers shunned. But context is all-important in deciding whether a reform will truly be successful in education’s Big Top. David Phillips sketches some of the issues.

  6. School league tables: Revealing or misleading?

    23 January 2013

    Each year parents are encouraged to use school league tables to help choose a secondary school for their children. But George Leckie and Harvey Goldstein argue that such comparisons are crude and ultimately misleading.

  7. Post Wolf: W(h)ither vocational education and training?

    29 January 2013

    Simply providing more apprenticeships and vocational options for young people won’t solve our education problems, says Geoff Hayward.

  8. Education in action

    12 March 2013

    Grace Clifton considers the educational challenges facing children in military families.