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  1. Motivation and Mode: an attempt to measure the attitudes of ‘O’ level GCE candidates to English language

    Carolyn Ferguson and John Francis

    Examinations are now universally recognised as tests of achievement and are commonly perceived as measuring skills in the cognitive domain. In recent years, however, there has been a movement away from the traditional end-of-course written examination paper....

  2. The reliability of marking of general certificate of secondary education scripts: mathematics and English

    Paul Newton

    This study investigated the consistency with which marks were awarded to scripts during the summer 1994 examinations in mathematics and English. It was demonstrated that the reliability of marking of mathematics scripts was extremely high....

  3. Quality of marking of KS3 English

    Lucy Royal-Dawson

    In 2004, Key Stage 3 English was component marked for the first time. Reading markers marked the two reading papers and writing markers marked the two writing papers. Prior to this, all four papers were marked by the same marker....

  4. The effect of marker background and training on the quality of marking in GCSE English

    Michelle Meadows and Lucy Billington

    Historically, in the UK, marker selection criteria for national examinations have been a matter of custom and practice. Only recently has empirical evidence of the effect of background on marking reliability begun to be gathered....

  5. Analysis of the trends in early entry at GCSE

    Rachel Taylor

    The following paper aims to outline the trends in early entry to GCSE over recent years, drawing upon data available in the literature and reporting on an analysis of all awarding body data from 2007 to 2011....