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  1. Assessment expertise project: validity of assessment

    Neil Stringer

    When candidates take a test, whether it is a written examination, a practical performance, or submitting a portfolio of work, it is taken so that an examiner can assess the candidate’s performance relative to a standard....

  2. Measuring trust in the examination system: some insights from the medical profession and elsewhere

    Lucy Billington

    If the examination system is to maintain its credibility within society, it is imperative that awarding bodies and their regulator make efforts to understand, measure, and engender public trust....

  3. Welcome to AQA Research and Analysis

    Welcome to AQA Research and Analysis (formerly CERP), where we aim to put research at the heart of policy and practice in the education and assessment sector New blog post In our latest blog post,  Katy Finch  considers the role of researchers in making a ...