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  1. Would the real gold standard please step forward?

    Jo-Anne Baird, Mike Cresswell and Paul Newton

    Debate about public examination standards has been a consistent feature of educational assessment in Britain over the past few decades....

  2. Comparing examination standards: is a purely statistical approach adequate?

    Ben Jones

    There has recently been a renewed interest in three types of comparability of standards in the United Kingdom public examination system: between years, between subjects and between the six examination boards....

  3. The reliability of marking of general certificate of secondary education scripts: mathematics and English

    Paul Newton

    This study investigated the consistency with which marks were awarded to scripts during the summer 1994 examinations in mathematics and English. It was demonstrated that the reliability of marking of mathematics scripts was extremely high....

  4. A qualitative exploration of key stakeholders' perceptions and opinions of awarding body marking procedures

    Rachel Taylor

    Past research into perceptions of GCSEs and A-levels suggests that how informed individuals are of current marking procedures, and the level of information stakeholders receive varies considerably....

  5. Profile reporting in external examinations

    John Francis

    The psychometric approach to reporting separately the component grades or scores of an examination is challenged because it relies on misleading assumptions. An alternative approach which involves re‐thinking the purpose and structure of examinations is described....