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  1. The reliability of marking of general certificate of secondary education scripts: mathematics and English

    Paul Newton

    This study investigated the consistency with which marks were awarded to scripts during the summer 1994 examinations in mathematics and English. It was demonstrated that the reliability of marking of mathematics scripts was extremely high....

  2. Carry on examining: what predicts examiners' intentions to continue examining?

    Kate Tremain

    AQA is highly reliant on a large body of examiners who are crucial in ensuring that candidates receive timely and reliable results for their high-stakes examinations. As such, the potential ramifications of low examiner satisfaction are significant....

  3. A qualitative exploration of key stakeholders' perceptions and opinions of awarding body marking procedures

    Rachel Taylor

    Past research into perceptions of GCSEs and A-levels suggests that how informed individuals are of current marking procedures, and the level of information stakeholders receive varies considerably....

  4. Grade awarding judgements in differentiated examinations

    Frances Good and Mike Cresswell

    The consistency of grade awarders’ standards and the application of these standards to define comparable levels of achievement in differentiated examinations are investigated....

  5. Removing the marks from examination scripts before remarking them: does it make any difference?

    Roger Murphy

    Two senior GCE examiners re-marked photocopies of the same two hundred GCE examination scripts. One hundred of these scripts still had the marks and comments of the original examiners on them, whereas these were removed from the other one hundred....

  6. NAA enhancing the quality of marking project: The effect of sample size on increased precision in detecting errant marking

    Mudhaffar Al-Bayatti and Ben Jones

    The quality of examiners’ marking is currently checked by sampling their marking and comparing the marks given with a more senior examiner’s marks....

  7. An investigation of targeted double marking for GCSE and GCE

    Austin Fearnley

    The aim of the current study was to investigate whether a system of double marking could be devised which would improve reliability without requiring more extensive marking by Principal Examiners....

  8. Measures of examiner job satisfaction as predictors of intention to continue examining

    Michelle Meadows

    To inform the retention of current examiners and the recruitment of new examiners, a survey of examiners’ attitudes to examining was conducted....