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  1. Symposium: Examinations O-level grades and teachers' estimates as predictors of the A-level results of UCCA applicants

    Roger Murphy

    The investigation reported in this paper studied the relationship between both GCE O-level grades and teachers' estimates of A-level grades, and the actual A-level grades obtained, in individual subjects, by a sample of applicants for university places....

  2. Awarding in the 21st century- a virtual model

    Lesley Meyer, Jo-Anne Baird, Neil Stringer, Lynne O'Sullivan and Carolyn Adams

    Awarding meetings are essentially unchanged since their inception, with Senior examiners coming together to look at statistical information and candidates' work....

  3. Evaluation of the February 2008 confirmation method awarding trial

    Chloe Davenport

    This report presents the findings of the Confirmation Method awarding trial carried out on four subjects in the February 2008 series....

  4. Using adaptive comparative judgement to obtain a highly reliable rank order in summative assessment

    Claire Whitehouse and Alastair Pollitt

    Adaptive Comparative Judgment (ACJ) offers an alternative to marking, especially for performance assessments for which achievement can be difficult to describe in mark schemes. The ACJ system uses a web-browser to deliver pairs of candidates’ work to judges....

  5. Extending the number of grades on a qualification: issues to consider

    Lesley Meyer

    The issue of the number of grades a qualification offers is currently a hot topic; University staff are complaining that they are unable to discriminate between the most able candidates when considering applicants to their courses and there are claims from some quarters that the International Baccal...

  6. Are examination standards all in the head? Experiments with examiners’ judgements of standards in A level examinations

    Jo-Anne Baird

    Examination grading decisions are commonplace in our education system and many of them have a substantial impact upon candidates’ lives, yet little is known about the decision-making processes involved in judging standards....


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