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  1. Setting and maintaining GCSE and GCE grading standards: the case for contextualised cohort-referencing

    Neil Stringer

    General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and General Certificate of Education (GCE) grading standards are determined by Awarding Bodies using procedures that adhere to the Code of Practice published by the regulator, Ofqual....

  2. Reliability of marking in eight GCE examinations

    Roger Murphy

    Eight recent GCE examinations, containing mainly free-response questions, were investigated in terms of their marking reliability....

  3. Awarding GCSE and GCE- time to reform the code of practice?

    Ben Jones

    The theme of this paper is that the process by which national general qualifications - the GCSE and GCE in particular - are awarded is no longer fit for purpose....

  4. Teachers' estimates of candidates' grades: Curriculum 2000 Advanced Level Qualifications

    Debra Dhillon

    In the UK, estimated grades have long been provided to higher education establishments as part of their entry procedures. Since 1994 they have also been routinely collected by awarding bodies to facilitate the grade‐awarding process....

  5. Is the whole worth more than the sum of the parts? Studies of examiners' grading of individual papers and candidates' whole A-level examination performances

    Jo-Anne Baird and Alex Scharaschkin

    Typically, students are assessed on elements of their performance, and it is assumed that the sum of marks for these elements will be just as impressive as the students' whole performances. Examiners might expect more for a particular grade if they only see parts of the students' work separately....

  6. A qualitative exploration of perceptions of trust in A-levels

    Lucy Billington

    Although trust is central to the credibility of the examination system, little is known about how trust functions in this context. This paper reports on the findings of a qualitative exploration into perceptions of trust in A-level....

  7. Public trust and high stakes assessment

    Lucy Billington

    Contemporary society seems to be characterised by a 'crisis of trust'. Opinion polls show a decline in trust in many public institutions and professions. Trust, and its drivers, has been studied in a variety of contexts, including the government, the police force, and the medical profession....

  8. The comparability of different subjects in public examinations: a theoretical and practical critique

    Harvey Goldstein and Mike Cresswell

    Comparability between different public examinations in the same and also different subjects, has been a continuing requirement in the UK. There is a current renewed interest in between‐subject comparability, especially at A‐level....