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  1. How reliable is marking in GCSE English?

    Diana Fowles

    In a re-marking exercise to investigate the reliability of marking in GCSE English examinations, the Principal Examiners’ marks were adopted as ‘true’ marks for comparison with the actual or ‘live’ marks that had been awarded by the appointed examiners....

  2. What makes marking reliable? Experiments with UK examinations

    Jo-Anne Baird, Jackie Greatorex and John Bell

    Marking reliability is purported to be produced by having an effective community of practice. No experimental research has been identified which attempts to verify empirically the aspects of a community of practice that have been observed to produce marking reliability....

  3. Levels-based mark schemes and marking bias

    Anne Pinot de Moira

    Reliability and validity are ever-present themes in the evaluation of assessment. Previous research studies have considered the role of the question paper, the mark scheme and the examiners in providing unbiased estimates of students’ ability....

  4. Marking quality

    An assessment is only as good as its component parts. Among other features, the underlying curriculum, teaching, test design and marking can all contribute to reliability and validity in the measurement of candidate ability. Each of these components is critical.