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  1. Exploration of questions from GCSE Maths A: Identifying the types of question that candidates find the most and least demanding, within a topic

    Melissa Jackson and Rachel Lismore-Burns

    Following each live examination session, senior examiners for GCSE and A-level produce reports on candidate performance in that examination. This paper explores how such reporting might be further enhanced, through the inclusion of the outcomes from detailed statistical analysis of live test data....

  2. School science in Hong Kong

    9 May 2012

    Science education in Hong Kong stands out among East Asian regions. May Cheng, vice president of the East Asian Association of Science Education, considers why.

  3. Targeting questions to grades in GCSE Mathematics B

    Ashleigh Seldon

    For GCSE Mathematics B, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) provide grade descriptors indicating the level of attainment characteristic of grades A, C and F. These are designed to provide a general indication of the anticipated learning outcomes at each grade....

  4. English and Maths GCSE resit data

    Resit data for AQA GCSE exams in English and Maths (PDFs): GCSE English and Maths- Linear exams DOWNLOAD   GCSE English and Maths- Modular exams DOWNLOAD resit GCSE English maths AQA ...

  5. Creative classrooms for all

    29 April 2014

    Injecting a little creativity can help pupils really engage with a subject, says Loughborough University's Sarah Turner

  6. Do Maths exams hinder learning?

    6 May 2014

    Sarah Tang and Candia Morgan consider how the design of Maths exams affects students' mathematical skills and their experience of the subject.

  7. Can neuroscience inform education?

    27 November 2014

    Michael Thomas thinks neuroscience can finally have a real impact on learning.