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  1. A further trial of a bookmark approach to grading objective tests

    Diana Fowles

    A second trial of the Bookmark method has been conducted, in the context of a GCSE Science module, on the basis of a one parameter model analysis of the objective test data....

  2. Awarding objective test papers: is there a correct answer?

    Lesley Meyer

    In AQA, Objective Tests (OTs) have, in GCSEs generally, historically been awarded via a process known as 'back calculation' from other components. More recently, other methods such as Angoff (GCE) and KS3 predicted outcomes/IRT (GCSE Science) have also been employed....

  3. Sex differences in objective test performance

    Roger Murphy

    The choice of techniques used in making educational assessments may have a crucial influence on the relative performance of various groups of individuals....