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  1. Online or face-to-face? An experimental study of examiner training

    Suzanne Chamberlain and Rachel Taylor

    Thousands of examiners are employed to mark candidate scripts from the suite of public examinations offered to students during the compulsory and post-compulsory schooling phases in England, Northern Ireland and Wales....

  2. Online one-to-one tuition: Designing for effectiveness

    Claire Whitehouse

    In this review, one-to-one tuition is assumed to take place outside the hours of mainstream formal schooling and involves teaching carried out by one tutor, an adult, with one learner to supplement learning in the classroom....

  3. Online standardisation trial, Winter 2008: Evaluation of examiner performance and examiner satisfaction

    Lucy Billington and Chloe Davenport

    In January 2008, online standardisation was trialled for the second time across six components. Half of the components were marked conventionally and half at item level and onscreen using CMI+....