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  1. Predictive models of question difficulty- A critical review of the literature

    Debra Dhillon

    Recent decades have seen a proliferation of research into the identification and manipulation of question difficulty factors....

  2. Question choice in GCE Ordinary Level Chemistry: candidates’ perceptions

    John Francis and Stanley Owen

    The Ordinary Level examination in Chemistry (Syllabus 1) of the Associated Exam Board consists of two papers: a 60 item objective test and a written paper. The written paper contains nine questions, five of which must be attempted....

  3. Assessment of the National Curriculum- some fundamental considerations

    Mike Cresswell and Jim Houston

    This paper addresses the considerable assessment problems posed by the fact that variations in difficulty are found between tasks with identical specifications....

  4. Exploration of questions from GCSE Maths A: Identifying the types of question that candidates find the most and least demanding, within a topic

    Melissa Jackson and Rachel Lismore-Burns

    Following each live examination session, senior examiners for GCSE and A-level produce reports on candidate performance in that examination. This paper explores how such reporting might be further enhanced, through the inclusion of the outcomes from detailed statistical analysis of live test data....

  5. Assessing comparability of optional questions

    Elizabeth Harrison

    Optionality is any feature in an examination that allows different students to achieve the same qualification without responding to exactly the same set of questions. Where optionality is offered within an exam paper, it is intended that the options should be equivalent in demand....