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  1. The comparability of onscreen and paper and pencil tests: no further research required?

    Christopher Wheadon

    This paper presents an analysis of the first national high-stakes on-screen assessments offered in the United Kingdom, and considers the research and policy agendas required to support their development and use alongside paper and pencil alternatives....

  2. Examining standards over time

    Paul Newton

    Public examination results are used in a variety of ways and the ways in which they are used dictate the demands that society makes of them. Unfortunately, some of the uses to which British examination results are currently being put make unrealistic demands....

  3. The comparability of different subjects in public examinations: a theoretical and practical critique

    Harvey Goldstein and Mike Cresswell

    Comparability between different public examinations in the same and also different subjects, has been a continuing requirement in the UK. There is a current renewed interest in between‐subject comparability, especially at A‐level....

  4. Stretch and challenge in A-level examinations: teachers’ views of the new assessments

    Jo-Anne Baird, Anthony Daly, Kate Tremain and Michelle Meadows

    In recent years, some commentators have argued that A-levels do not stretch the most able students. To tackle such concerns, the Government introduced a policy that has become known as ‘stretch and challenge’ in the Education and Skills White Paper....

  5. Students' views of stretch and challenge in A-level examinations

    Jo-Anne Baird, Suzanne Chamberlain, Michelle Meadows, Lucy Royal-Dawson and Rachel Taylor

    Claims that A-levels do not stretch the brightest students have dogged the education system in England in recent years. Part of the Government response to this has been to introduce a policy of ‘stretch and challenge’, which features different question styles in new A-level examination papers....

  6. Assessment reform: students' and teachers' responses to the introduction of stretch and challenge at A-level

    Anthony Daly, Jo-Anne Baird, Suzanne Chamberlain and Michelle Meadows

    This paper describes an exploration into a reform of the A-level qualification in England in 2008; namely, the introduction of the ‘stretch and challenge’ policy....

  7. Principles and practice of on-demand testing

    Christopher Wheadon, Claire Whitehouse, Victoria Spalding, Kate Tremain and Melody Charman

    This research was commissioned by Ofqual to review how advances in computer technology were enabling on-demand testing in the UK and to consider the implications of these advances for high stakes general qualifications....

  8. Regulation and the qualifications market

    Ben Jones

    The paper is in four main sections. “A theoretical framework from economics” introduces the conceptual framework of economics, in which the qualifications industry is seen as an operational market....