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  1. Online or face-to-face? An experimental study of examiner training

    Suzanne Chamberlain and Rachel Taylor

    Thousands of examiners are employed to mark candidate scripts from the suite of public examinations offered to students during the compulsory and post-compulsory schooling phases in England, Northern Ireland and Wales....

  2. What makes marking reliable? Experiments with UK examinations

    Jo-Anne Baird, Jackie Greatorex and John Bell

    Marking reliability is purported to be produced by having an effective community of practice. No experimental research has been identified which attempts to verify empirically the aspects of a community of practice that have been observed to produce marking reliability....

  3. Online standardisation trial, Winter 2008: Evaluation of examiner performance and examiner satisfaction

    Lucy Billington and Chloe Davenport

    In January 2008, online standardisation was trialled for the second time across six components. Half of the components were marked conventionally and half at item level and onscreen using CMI+....

  4. Carry on examining: further investigation

    Kate Tremain

    This paper follows on from work by Tremain (2011) and Meadows (2004) on examiner satisfaction and looks at the difference in intentions to continue examining between examiners with experiences of different marking media and modes of delivery of standardisation....

  5. Judging the efficacy of artificial exemplar material

    Mithra Vijayathasan, Anne Pinot de Moira and Neil Stringer

    Before any examiner can mark national examinations in England they must be trained to use the mark scheme in a process called standardisation....