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  1. Stretch and challenge in A-level examinations: teachers’ views of the new assessments

    Jo-Anne Baird, Anthony Daly, Kate Tremain and Michelle Meadows

    In recent years, some commentators have argued that A-levels do not stretch the most able students. To tackle such concerns, the Government introduced a policy that has become known as ‘stretch and challenge’ in the Education and Skills White Paper....

  2. Students' views of stretch and challenge in A-level examinations

    Jo-Anne Baird, Suzanne Chamberlain, Michelle Meadows, Lucy Royal-Dawson and Rachel Taylor

    Claims that A-levels do not stretch the brightest students have dogged the education system in England in recent years. Part of the Government response to this has been to introduce a policy of ‘stretch and challenge’, which features different question styles in new A-level examination papers....

  3. Assessment reform: students' and teachers' responses to the introduction of stretch and challenge at A-level

    Anthony Daly, Jo-Anne Baird, Suzanne Chamberlain and Michelle Meadows

    This paper describes an exploration into a reform of the A-level qualification in England in 2008; namely, the introduction of the ‘stretch and challenge’ policy....