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  1. Effective continuing professional development for teachers

    Claire Whitehouse

    In studies of education, international comparisons are a popular way of trying to identify common features of an activity that can pave the way for improvements in teaching and learning....

  2. Findings from focus groups: is controlled assessment working?

    Kate Tremain

    This paper reports on the findings of a focus group study designed to explore how teachers have responded to the introduction of controlled assessment. A total of three focus groups were convened....

  3. Carry on examining: what predicts examiners' intentions to continue examining?

    Kate Tremain

    AQA is highly reliant on a large body of examiners who are crucial in ensuring that candidates receive timely and reliable results for their high-stakes examinations. As such, the potential ramifications of low examiner satisfaction are significant....

  4. A qualitative exploration of key stakeholders' perceptions and opinions of awarding body marking procedures

    Rachel Taylor

    Past research into perceptions of GCSEs and A-levels suggests that how informed individuals are of current marking procedures, and the level of information stakeholders receive varies considerably....

  5. Differences in marks awarded as a result of moderation: some findings from a teacher assessed oral examination in French

    Frances Good

    Identical standards and criteria are unlikely to be applied by all teachers when marking school‐based components of examinations, so moderation procedures are required to check and, if necessary, adjust their marks....

  6. Can teachers enter candidates appropriately for examinations involving differentiated papers?

    Frances Good and Mike Cresswell

    The ability of teachers to enter candidates for appropriate combinations of differentiated papers is considered....

  7. Taking ‘O’ level GCE examinations: the strategies employed by candidates and their teachers

    John Francis

    It is taken for granted that allowing a choice of questions in an examination question paper is desirable. Question choice allows teachers the freedom to prepare their candidates on those aspects of the syllabus that are most appropriate to the interests and strengths of both teacher and students....

  8. Teachers’ assessments and GCE results compared

    Roger Murphy

    Teachers’ assessments of their own pupils were collected for 96 separate groups of GCE candidates who were being prepared for a wide range of examination subjects....