test anxiety

  1. The comparability of onscreen and paper and pencil tests: no further research required?

    Christopher Wheadon

    This paper presents an analysis of the first national high-stakes on-screen assessments offered in the United Kingdom, and considers the research and policy agendas required to support their development and use alongside paper and pencil alternatives....

  2. Test anxiety, heart rate and performance in A-level French speaking mock exams: an exploratory study

    Anthony Daly, Suzanne Chamberlain and Victoria Spalding

    This pilot study explored the relationship between test anxiety, heart rate and academic performance....

  3. A case for open-book examinations

    John Francis

    Investigations into the effectiveness of open‐book examinations have shown that they reduce students’ test anxiety and need to memorise factual material....

  4. The fear factor: students’ experiences of test anxiety when taking A-level examinations

    Suzanne Chamberlain, Anthony Daly and Victoria Spalding

    This paper presents the findings of a pilot study that explored students’ experiences of test anxiety when taking A-level examinations....