Introducing CERP

Putting research at the heart of policy and practice. Michelle Meadows introduces the Centre for Education Research and Policy.

Michelle MeadowsWelcome to our website. AQA’s Centre for Education Research and Policy came into being in 2011 but has existed in other forms for well over 40 years. During this time we have conducted extensive research into qualification and assessment design and their impact on teaching and learning. We want to share this body of work with fellow researchers, policy makers and practitioners.

On our site you will find a library of research, to which we will be continually adding papers, both recent and old. A lot of these papers have not been previously published and yet deal with important, perennial issues such as the maintenance of standards over time, marking quality and public confidence in qualifications. As such we believe they will prove an invaluable resource.

The sharing of this work could not be more timely. Qualifications and the curriculum they assess are under extensive review and reform. Indeed the very system of administering examinations is under scrutiny. During periods of rapid change such as these, it is easy to forget the lessons previous reforms can teach. These papers are written by those folk who manage the implementation of new qualification policy and so represent a powerful collective memory.

As a previous member of our team, who shall remain anonymous, used to say: “Let me tell you what happened when we tried that in 1978…”


Michelle Meadows, Director of CERP

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