1. Making assessment reform stick

    7 January 2014

    Norwegian experience shows that trust and vision at all levels are essential if educational reform is to succeed in the long term, says Therese Hopfenbeck.

  2. Not just ‘girls will be girls’

    18 December 2013

    Rosalyn George’s research on schoolgirl friendships has revealed a world of neglected and often painful power relationships.

  3. Teachers can’t be paid by results

    10 December 2013

    On October 1, Lauren Thorpe wrote a Perspectives piece supporting the introduction of performance-related pay for teachers in England. Here, Andrew Morris of the National Union of Teachers suggests that things are not quite...

  4. The new GCSE grades in action

    26 November 2013

    Jo-Anne Baird says the new GCSE grades raise a range of issues, including comparability with previous results and their use by employers and the education system.

  5. Making cyberspace safer

    19 November 2013

    Cyberbullying is not going to drive children offline: Niamh O’Brien looks at the problem and some possible solutions.

  6. Evidence for better lessons

    12 November 2013

    What counts for evidence at school? Sam Saunders says that playground observation may be as valid as journal papers.

  7. Developing better teachers

    5 November 2013

    Bridget Clay of the Teacher Development Trust explains that Britain’s teachers need better professional development if they are to get the best from their students.

  8. Standard setting the Dutch way

    29 October 2013

    England is moving away from work being marked by teachers in schools. But in the Netherlands, teachers remain a trusted part of the assessment system, with no talk of grade inflation. Anton Béguin explains how it works.