1. Test validity: a matter of taste

    22 October 2013

    Are tests valid? Paul Newton thinks you might as well ask whether a Brussels sprout has integrity.

  2. Faux pas for language learning

    15 October 2013

    The planned national curriculum will bring modern foreign languages into all primary schools, but Peter Downes finds fault in the approach.

  3. A fair selection for university?

    8 October 2013

    Christina Wikström of Umeå University finds that better tests and more trained teachers are the key to more successful university admissions.

  4. Paying teachers for performance

    1 October 2013

    Teachers in England can now be eligible for performance-related pay. Current data implies scope for bigger rewards for better teaching outcomes.

  5. DSM-5 and disability learning

    24 September 2013

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is one of the most controversial books in publishing. The latest edition redefines learning disorders. Rosemary Tannock explains.

  6. Paying teachers by results

    17 September 2013

    Don’t believe anyone who says women are less competitive than men in the workplace. New research with teachers shows just the opposite, says Victor Lavy.

  7. Making tests comparable

    3 September 2013

    Anton Béguin points to three ways of making sure tests are comparable over time and urges that they be used in combination where possible.

  8. Making more use of research knowledge

    29 August 2013

    Huw Davies, Sandra Nutley and Alison Powell take a look at the effectiveness of knowledge mobilisation in the fields of health care, social care and education.