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  1. Student choice of study in Curriculum 2000

    Jo-Anne Baird, Kelly Ebner and Anne Pinot de Moira

    A new curriculum and assessment structure for students staying in education after age 16 was introduced in the UK for first teaching in 2000, which has become known as Curriculum 2000....

  2. AS level grade, age, gender and centre type as predictors of A level grade in the summer 2002 examinations

    Michelle Meadows

    The relationship between AS level grade, age, gender and centre type and A level grades in the June 2002 examination series was studied in seven AQA GCE specifications....

  3. Examiner Background and the Effect on Marking Reliability

    Anne Pinot de Moira

    Arising from recommendations of the independent panel report on maintaining GCE A Level standards (Baker, McGraw, & Lord Sutherland of Houndwood, January 2002), this report discusses a study of the background of examiners and the marks they give....

  4. Predictive models of question difficulty- A critical review of the literature

    Debra Dhillon

    Recent decades have seen a proliferation of research into the identification and manipulation of question difficulty factors....