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  1. An investigation of targeted double marking for GCSE and GCE

    Austin Fearnley

    The aim of the current study was to investigate whether a system of double marking could be devised which would improve reliability without requiring more extensive marking by Principal Examiners....

  2. Teacher moderation systems

    Martin Taylor

    In most current GCE, VCE, GCSE and GNVQ specifications, coursework comprises one or more defined tasks (either set by the awarding body or based on criteria defined by the awarding body) and is marked by centres....

  3. A further trial of a bookmark approach to grading objective tests

    Diana Fowles

    A second trial of the Bookmark method has been conducted, in the context of a GCSE Science module, on the basis of a one parameter model analysis of the objective test data....

  4. A review of the literature on marking reliability

    Michelle Meadows and Lucy Billington

    Marking reliability is the focus of this literature review, which will cover the levels of marking reliability achieved in different forms of assessment and research into methods of improving marking reliability. ...

  5. Inter-subject standards: an insoluble problem?

    Ben Jones, David Philips and Rob van Krieken

    Whatever their constitution or the type of assessments they administer, it is a prime responsibility of all awarding bodies to engender public confidence in the standards of the qualifications they endorse, so that they have not only usefulness but credibility....

  6. Literature review on effects on assessment of e-marking

    Diana Fowles

    The development of e-marking is reviewed under the headings of the different technology suppliers that are driving e-marking developments forward through their software solutions....

  7. NAA enhancing the quality of marking project: The effect of sample size on increased precision in detecting errant marking

    Mudhaffar Al-Bayatti and Ben Jones

    The quality of examiners’ marking is currently checked by sampling their marking and comparing the marks given with a more senior examiner’s marks....