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  1. The effect of applying a hurdle on a component of GCSE English: investigation of Functional Skills

    Austin Fearnley

    The 2005 White Paper announced reforms which will require students to master functional skills in GCSE English and mathematics and also as a part of a new general (GCSE) Diploma. This diploma will recognise the achievement of five GCSEs at grade A*-C including English and mathematics....

  2. Media coverage of examination results, public perceptions, and the role of the education profession

    Lucy Billington

    Over the past thirty years or so there has been a proliferation in the news coverage that examination issues receive. This coverage has specifically focussed upon examination results as a means of assessing examination standards....

  3. Awarding in the 21st century- a virtual model

    Lesley Meyer, Jo-Anne Baird, Neil Stringer, Lynne O'Sullivan and Carolyn Adams

    Awarding meetings are essentially unchanged since their inception, with Senior examiners coming together to look at statistical information and candidates' work....

  4. Is teaching experience necessary for reliable marking?

    Lucy Royal-Dawson and Jo-Anne Baird

    Although hundreds of thousands of markers are recruited internationally to mark examinations, little research has been conducted on the selection criteria that should be used....

  5. Grading the Specialised Diploma

    Martin Taylor, Jeremy Pritchard and Elizabeth Gray

    Part of the Government’s response to the report of the Working Group on 14-19 Reform (2004) was to announce the introduction of Specialised Diplomas in fourteen lines of learning, each Diploma including both academic and vocational material and covering a specific occupational sector....

  6. The use of 'live' versus photocopied scripts in the first phase sample of marking standardisation

    Michelle Meadows

    Prior to beginning marking, all examiners attend a Standardisation Meeting at which they are trained in the application of the mark scheme. Following the meeting, a First Phase Sample script review is conducted....

  7. Can we predict who will be a reliable marker?

    Michelle Meadows

    The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, Research and Policy Analysis Department have conducted a large number of studies that have attempted to identify factors which might allow awarding bodies to predict those examiners who are likely to mark most reliably and those who are likely to require a...