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  1. The comparability of onscreen and paper and pencil tests: no further research required?

    Christopher Wheadon

    This paper presents an analysis of the first national high-stakes on-screen assessments offered in the United Kingdom, and considers the research and policy agendas required to support their development and use alongside paper and pencil alternatives....

  2. Public trust and high stakes assessment

    Lucy Billington

    Contemporary society seems to be characterised by a 'crisis of trust'. Opinion polls show a decline in trust in many public institutions and professions. Trust, and its drivers, has been studied in a variety of contexts, including the government, the police force, and the medical profession....

  3. Law and psychology admissions tutors' perspectives of how A-levels prepare students for university study

    Anthony Daly

    With August comes the annual and often frenzied media coverage of examination results and inevitable conclusions drawn about (typically falling) educational standards (see Billington, 2006)....

  4. Extended project evaluation (cohort 1): Student information

    Anne Pinot de Moira

    Summer 2007 heralded certification of the first cohort of students entered for the pilot Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)....

  5. Targeting questions to grades in GCSE Mathematics B

    Ashleigh Seldon

    For GCSE Mathematics B, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) provide grade descriptors indicating the level of attainment characteristic of grades A, C and F. These are designed to provide a general indication of the anticipated learning outcomes at each grade....

  6. A qualitative exploration of key stakeholders' perceptions and opinions of awarding body marking procedures

    Rachel Taylor

    Past research into perceptions of GCSEs and A-levels suggests that how informed individuals are of current marking procedures, and the level of information stakeholders receive varies considerably....