Commentary on Baird, J., Andrich, D., Hopfenbeck, T. N. and Stobart, G., 'assessment and learning: fields apart'

This comprehensive paper (Baird, Andrich, Hopfenbeck & Stobart, 2017) raises issues that are of basic importance for the disciplines of assessment and teaching and learning theory. It covers a great deal of ground, and I will restrict my remarks to a few areas. I will consider the idea of a construct in educational assessment, and whether it is helpful to theorise educational constructs differently from psychological constructs. I will examine some consequences for educational policy and assessment design. My perspective draws in particular on my experience in a UK awarding body that designs and administers large-scale, high-stakes assessments (GCSE and A-level examinations), aimed primarily at 16–18-year-old school students. Some of my examples refer to these.

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