Extended project (cohort 3) and project qualification (level 1 and 2): Student evaluation

In summer 2008, the third cohort of students were awarded grades for the pilot Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). At the same time, awards were made to the first, and only, pilot cohort for the Level 1 and 2 Project Qualifications (PQ). As with the EPQ, it is planned that the PQs should be offered as a stand-alone qualification but will also form a key component of the appropriate level Diploma. In a continuation of the pilot evaluation, entry data has been combined with grade outcomes and, where available, project proposal information, to provide a deeper insight into the EPQ and the PQ. For the EPQ, where appropriate, comparisons have been made between the first and second cohort entry and performance. Student questionnaires were sent to the EPQ & PQ coordinators for all of the centres with registered entries. The coordinators were asked to administer their distribution and subsequent return to AQA. As with the questionnaire sent to students in the first and second cohort EPQ, the response rate was low and a decision has been taken to combine all quantitative student responses across each of the pilot cohorts for analysis. These data are reported herein. A copy of the EPQ questionnaire is included in Appendix C. The PQ questionnaire was almost identical although the wording was slightly altered to make it appropriate for the PQ students and Section C was omitted altogether. Section C was also absent from the questionnaire sent to the first cohort of EPQ students.

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