Teachers' estimates of candidates' grades: Curriculum 2000 Advanced Level Qualifications

In the UK, estimated grades have long been provided to higher education establishments as part of their entry procedures. Since 1994 they have also been routinely collected by awarding bodies to facilitate the grade‐awarding process. Analyses of required estimates to a British awarding body revealed that teachers' estimates of candidates' Curriculum 2000 A level grades in the first year of awarding demonstrated an unprecedented degree of accuracy. Estimates of AS level grades conversely showed relative imprecision. Accuracy of the A‐level estimates was most likely bolstered by feedback inherent to the modularisation of the examination while the weakness of AS level estimates may have been a consequence of the comparatively unfamiliar standard at which this qualification was set. As in previous research, and for both GCE qualifications, when estimates were inaccurate they were more commonly optimistic than pessimistic.

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