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  1. Strictly statistics

    Anne Pinot de Moira and Kate Kelly

    The science and statistics behind examinations is not widely publicised or understood. This is, at least in part, due to the dry, complex and often esoteric nature of the topic. But a lack of transparency may lead to a lack of trust, and the grades students receive have limited value without trust....

  2. Preadmission schooling context helps to predict examination performance throughout medical school

    Neil Stringer, Michael Chan, Yaw Bimpeh and Philip Chan

    This study investigates the effects of socioeconomic status and schooling on the academic attainment of a cohort of students at a single medical school (N = 240)....

  3. Judging the efficacy of artificial exemplar material

    Mithra Vijayathasan, Anne Pinot de Moira and Neil Stringer

    Before any examiner can mark national examinations in England they must be trained to use the mark scheme in a process called standardisation....

  4. The effects of accountability measures in English secondary schools: early and multiple entry to GCSE Mathematics assessments

    Rachel Taylor

    This study used semi-structured interviews with staff in 14 secondary schools in England to explore strategies for entering students to GCSE Mathematics, focusing on the use of early and multiple examination entry....

  5. The meaning of curriculum-related examination standards in Scotland and England: a home-international comparison

    Jo-Anne Baird and Lena Gray

    The ways in which examination standards are conceptualised and operationalised differently across nations has not been given sufficient attention. The international literature on standard-setting has been dominated by the psychometrics tradition....

  6. 'I don't know where to find the careers adviser... he has disappeared': the impact of changes to careers advice on 14-16 year olds in University Technical Colleges and schools

    Daniel Acquah, Hayley Limmer and Debra Malpass

    Recent policies in England have enacted significant changes to careers information advice and guidance (CIAG) and work-related learning (WRL)....

  7. The technical baccalaureate: providing excellence in vocational education?

    Daniel Acquah and Debra Malpass

    Proposals for a technical baccalaureate have received cross-party support in England. The technical baccalaureate is intended to deliver the necessary training to enable young people to fill the UK’s skills gap in intermediate-level occupations in STEM and other sectors....

  8. Examining assessment

    Lena Gray, Claire Jackson and Lindsay Simmonds

    AQA’s research – carried out within the Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP), under the auspices of the AQA Research Committee – has its roots in a number of predecessor bodies, including the Joint Matriculation Board (JMB) and the Associated Examining Board (AEB)....