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  1. Principles of standard setting

    Lesley Meyer

    All awarding organisations offering general, curriculum embedded qualifications carry out standard setting....

  2. Case studies in summative assessment: an investigation

    Claire Whitehouse

    This paper reports on a qualitative study that explored the features of a good case study for use in summative assessment at GCSE and GCE. The study consisted of two focus groups and two interviews conducted with examiners, two focus groups with teachers and two focus groups with students....

  3. Awarding GCSE and GCE- time to reform the code of practice?

    Ben Jones

    The theme of this paper is that the process by which national general qualifications - the GCSE and GCE in particular - are awarded is no longer fit for purpose....

  4. A qualitative exploration of perceptions of trust in A-levels

    Lucy Billington

    Although trust is central to the credibility of the examination system, little is known about how trust functions in this context. This paper reports on the findings of a qualitative exploration into perceptions of trust in A-level....

  5. Principles of moderation of internal assessment

    Anthony Daly, Lucy Billington, Suzanne Chamberlain, Lesley Meyer, Neil Stringer, Martin Taylor and Kate Tremain

    Assessing students’ work and awarding a mark requires human judgement. For example, two people assessing the same piece of work may disagree on whether a skill has been demonstrated to a particular level or whether a student’s written answer is clear....

  6. Is an exam paper greater than the sum of its parts? A Literature Review of Question Paper Structure and presentation

    Victoria Spalding

    Literature relating to question paper structure and presentation was reviewed in order to gain insight into good practice for question paper writing....

  7. It's a long, long time from November to June

    Christopher Wheadon

    Since 1918, if not before, the maintenance of standards over time in the English examination system has used approaches that assume that large cohorts of candidates sit their examinations at the same time of year, every year, after following a similar programme of study over a similar time period....

  8. 'They've all gone to Colchester Zoo': Stakeholder views on the challenges of delivering more flexible testing for national high-stakes examinations in England

    Christopher Wheadon

    This research investigated the case for more flexible testing for national high-stakes examinations in England through a series of focus groups with teachers, pupils and examiners....