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  1. Features of a levels-based mark scheme and their effect on marking reliability

    Anne Pinot de Moira

    Levels-based mark schemes are commonly used in the marking of extended response items but, between specifications, there is little commonality in their design, formulation and application....

  2. Estimation of composite score classification accuracy using compound probability distributions

    Christopher Wheadon and Ian Stockford

    Presented is a demonstration of an intuitively simple, flexible and computationally inexpensive approach to estimating classification accuracy indices for composite score scales formed from the aggregation of performance on two or more assessments....

  3. School Accountability in England: Past, Present and Future

    Daniel Acquah

    This review focuses on accountability in school-based education in England....

  4. Communication strategies for enhancing qualification users' understanding of educational assessment: recommendations from other public interest fields

    Suzanne Chamberlain

    The outcomes of national assessments in many countries provide 'qualifications' or 'credentials' that may be used to define the levels of students' knowledge and skills, for their own use and that of employers, higher education institutions and others....

  5. University technical college students’ perceptions and experiences of studying engineering

    Debra Malpass and Hayley Limmer

    University Technical Colleges (UTCs) aim to provide a technically-oriented curriculum for 14-19 year olds. Technical learning with state-of-the-art equipment is integrated with academic subjects such as English, maths and science to support pupils’ technical learning....

  6. Qualification users’ perceptions and experiences of assessment reliability

    Suzanne Chamberlain

    This paper presents the findings of a study designed to explore qualification users’ perceptions and experiences of reliability in the context of national assessment outcomes in England....

  7. Fully Processed candidates: an analytical solution to the Post-Awarding Drift problem

    Robert Hales

    The number of candidates for whom mark data is available at the time of an award is less than the total entry in the vast majority of cases — the relative difference between these is referred to as the Percentage Fully Processed (PFP)....

  8. The Effects on Schools and Pupils of Modularising GCSEs

    Maggie Heinrich and Neil Stringer

    In 2009, a suite of revised GCSEs was introduced for first teaching. For the first time, all subjects were offered in modular specifications, where previously the majority were only offered linearly....