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  1. Exploration of questions from GCSE Maths A: Identifying the types of question that candidates find the most and least demanding, within a topic

    Melissa Jackson and Rachel Lismore-Burns

    Following each live examination session, senior examiners for GCSE and A-level produce reports on candidate performance in that examination. This paper explores how such reporting might be further enhanced, through the inclusion of the outcomes from detailed statistical analysis of live test data....

  2. Why item mark? The advantages and disadvantages of e-marking

    Anne Pinot de Moira

    The move towards e-marking has meant some large changes to the long established processes and practices for marking national examinations....

  3. Filling and bridging the gap in languages: How are foundation certificates being used in the progression to GCSE?

    Robert Hales

    This is an investigation into the Foundation Certificates in Secondary Education (FCSEs), which are currently only available in some Modern Foreign Languages (MFLs)....

  4. 'Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am.' How qualification users interpret their examination results

    Suzanne Chamberlain

    This study formed part of a two-year investigation into the reliability of public examination outcomes in England and the current paper explores participants’ narratives relating to one of the themes that emerged from the study of public perceptions of assessment reliability....

  5. Extending the number of grades on a qualification: issues to consider

    Lesley Meyer

    The issue of the number of grades a qualification offers is currently a hot topic; University staff are complaining that they are unable to discriminate between the most able candidates when considering applicants to their courses and there are claims from some quarters that the International Baccal...

  6. Levels-based mark schemes and marking bias

    Anne Pinot de Moira

    Reliability and validity are ever-present themes in the evaluation of assessment. Previous research studies have considered the role of the question paper, the mark scheme and the examiners in providing unbiased estimates of students’ ability....

  7. Carry on examining: what predicts examiners' intentions to continue examining?

    Kate Tremain

    AQA is highly reliant on a large body of examiners who are crucial in ensuring that candidates receive timely and reliable results for their high-stakes examinations. As such, the potential ramifications of low examiner satisfaction are significant....

  8. We are researchers- child-led research: children's voice and educational value

    Victoria Spalding

    This paper presents the findings from a pilot study conducted in an English community primary school with 10 and 11 year-old pupils (Year 6), where six child-led research projects were facilitated during a five-week teaching programme....