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  1. The fear factor: students’ experiences of test anxiety when taking A-level examinations

    Suzanne Chamberlain, Anthony Daly and Victoria Spalding

    This paper presents the findings of a pilot study that explored students’ experiences of test anxiety when taking A-level examinations....

  2. Test anxiety, heart rate and performance in A-level French speaking mock exams: an exploratory study

    Anthony Daly, Suzanne Chamberlain and Victoria Spalding

    This pilot study explored the relationship between test anxiety, heart rate and academic performance....

  3. Setting and maintaining GCSE and GCE grading standards: the case for contextualised cohort-referencing

    Neil Stringer

    General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and General Certificate of Education (GCE) grading standards are determined by Awarding Bodies using procedures that adhere to the Code of Practice published by the regulator, Ofqual....

  4. Online or face-to-face? An experimental study of examiner training

    Suzanne Chamberlain and Rachel Taylor

    Thousands of examiners are employed to mark candidate scripts from the suite of public examinations offered to students during the compulsory and post-compulsory schooling phases in England, Northern Ireland and Wales....

  5. The value of GCSEs

    Lesley Meyer

    Since being introduced for first teaching in 1986, GCSE qualifications have been subject to much criticism and their value is now being questioned. This paper gives a brief overview of the background to the GCSE qualification system, and then considers factors against and in favour of it....

  6. Effective continuing professional development for teachers

    Claire Whitehouse

    In studies of education, international comparisons are a popular way of trying to identify common features of an activity that can pave the way for improvements in teaching and learning....

  7. Online one-to-one tuition: Designing for effectiveness

    Claire Whitehouse

    In this review, one-to-one tuition is assumed to take place outside the hours of mainstream formal schooling and involves teaching carried out by one tutor, an adult, with one learner to supplement learning in the classroom....

  8. Findings from focus groups: is controlled assessment working?

    Kate Tremain

    This paper reports on the findings of a focus group study designed to explore how teachers have responded to the introduction of controlled assessment. A total of three focus groups were convened....