Anton Béguin

Director of Research and Innovation

Anton joined CERP as Director of Research and Innovation in 2014, having been a member of CERP's advisory committee for seven years. Anton divided his time between CERP and the international measurement and assessment organisation Cito. He has been responsible for statistical and psychometric procedures used in the central examinations in the Netherlands, and is one of the project directors of a large scale longitudinal study in the Netherlands. He has been involved in many research projects related to standard setting and equating and application of (multidimensional) item response theory, and has worked as a consultant advising on measurement, testing and accountability with a range of national and international organisations. Anton has written many publications on examinations and measurement and is the Chair of the Methodology and Evaluation division of the Netherlands Educational Research Association, and Fellow of the Association of Educational Assessment – Europe. Anton left CERP in July 2016 to take up a full-time post at Cito.

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