Suzanne Chamberlain

Suzanne joined CERP as a Senior Research Associate in June 2005. Suzanne’s research interests concern learners’ experiences of education and assessment. She uses qualitative and quantitative methods to explore issues such as students’ exam preparation techniques, the impact of test anxiety on students’ exam performances, and public perceptions of grade reliability and responses to unanticipated results. Suzanne works closely with the General Medical Council (GMC), and is on the board of the General Dental Council, where she advises on the quality and performance of the registration exams for non-EEA doctors and dentists wishing to practise in the UK. Suzanne is also part of a team that visits national and international medical schools and post-graduate deaneries to ensure their curricula and assessment programmes meet the standards required by the GMC. Suzanne regularly publishes in, and reviews research papers for, a number of assessment-related journals. She is also on the editorial board of an online research methodology journal. Suzanne left CERP in 2013.

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